Evenings & Weekends

Life outside of lessons is busy but balanced for boarders who divide their time between studies, sport and outings, while the boarding team ensures there is free time too.

 Weekday evenings are spent on homework and taking part in organised activities before enjoying some down time. The weekend is given over to sports fixtures, playing or supporting, and time to relax. Sunday begins with mass and then a day trip which could be a cultural excursion, a shopping spree or a leisure outing. Suggestion from boarders are welcome.

The calendar is a busy one with fun social events organised by the team or the boarders to mark special occasions such as Chinese New Year and Halloween. There are quirky traditions too, for example Christmas blandyke when the boarders and house parents pass a jelly up and down Long Gallery while singing The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The spring and summer 2017 programme of Sunday outings is below:

15th January Meadowhall
22nd January Nottingham
29th January The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds
5th February Paintball
12th February Meadowhall
5th March Manchester
12th March Karting
19th March Cadbury World
30th April Meadowhall
7th May Cambridge
14th May Lady Bower
21st May Blandyke
11th June York
18th June Sheffield
25th June Meadowhall

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