New Headship of Barlborough Hall School

We are delighted to announce that Mrs Karen Keeton has been appointed to the
Headship of Barlborough Hall School, a role she has so successfully taken as acting
head over the past year.

Mrs Keeton has proved herself to be a knowledgeable educationalist with a firm
commitment to the wellbeing of every member of the Barlborough Hall school
community. Her philosophy puts the child at the centre of all she does. The
environment of the school she leads is warm, welcoming and caring.

Over the last year Mrs Keeton has provided strong leadership, stability and continuity
for our school. The school has seen growth in numbers, the further development of
outstanding teaching and learning and the raising of standards.

Barlborough has an excellent team of committed staff who ensure the pastoral care of
our children, strive for academic success and provide many opportunities for all round
development in sporting achievements, music programmes and outdoor activities.
Mrs Keeton has exciting plans to continue and to further develop all these aspects of
the school.

As we end 2017 we can all look forward to a very bright future at Barlborough Hall
School under Mrs Keeton's headship.

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