Our Day

The day begins at 7:30am for early birds who join us for breakfast and runs until 6:00pm when the twilight session ends after a light tea and playtime.

 The morning session starts at 8:30am when the key workers greet the children. Coats are put on pegs and the register is taken. The first activity of the day is soon under way and could be music with Mrs Savage, phonics with the Nursery team or into the pool for a swimming lesson, for example.

At 10:00am we break for a snack and playtime before resuming our morning activities. Lunch starts at 11:30am when we head to the refectory in the Prep School for lunch. After we have eaten it’s outside, weather permitting, for fun and games.

The bell at 1:00pm signals the end of lunch and we return to Nursery. The register is taken and we begin the afternoon activities. This could be adult-directed play with Mrs Cockell to reinforce the numeracy lessons of the morning or ICT with Mrs McLoughlin, for example. 

3:45pm is the end of the school day and some Nursery children head home while others move into twilight club for indoor and outdoor playtime and tea at 5:00pm. By 6:00pm all the children have been fed, watered and collected.

What Makes Us Special

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