Academic Excellence

It is important that you know we expect the highest standards of effort and determination from all students. And you can expect commitment, support and expertise from your tutors.

You know and we know there is no magic formula for success, it is a simple equation. If you consistently work hard, are focused and committed, you will reap the rewards. Your subject tutors and form tutor will be on hand throughout the two-year course to give you the best teaching, guidance and support possible.

Higher Line at Mount St Mary’s is a marked step-up from Year 11 and GCSEs. There is more emphasis on independent study, you are expected to manage you time and workload effectively and to embrace the extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to you. There’s no time to ‘ease in’ to A-Level studies, the courses are demanding from the outset and you need to work hard from day one.

There is regular monitoring and reporting of your progress so you are always clear how you are doing and what you need to improve. Working together in this way means you and your tutors can ensure your final grades are the best possible.

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