Our Vision

Through the pursuit of excellence in all we do and by caring for the whole person we produce grateful and generous, learned and wise young men and women of conscience, compassion and competence.

 We are a Jesuit school, founded in 1842 for "improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good". St Ignatius Loyola, a founding father of the Society of Jesus

Jesuit schools are Catholic communities characterised by their Christian mission and Ignatian identity. The following vision of Jesuit schools comes from one of the key documents on Jesuit education:

Jesuit schools should be places where people are believed in, honoured and cared for;
where natural talents and creative abilities are recognised and celebrated;
where individual contributions and accomplishments are appreciated:
where everyone is treated fairly and justly;
where sacrifice on behalf of the economically poor, the socially deprived and
the educationally disadvantaged is commonplace;
where each of us finds the challenge, encouragement and support we need to reach
our fullest individual potential for excellence;
where we help one another and work together with enthusiasm and generosity, attempting to model concretely in word and action the ideals we uphold.

We are an inclusive school and families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome here. Our mission is to know our pupils, understand them, challenge and support them so that they grow to be fulfilled, purposeful and happy members of society who care in the proper sense for others and themselves.

Our Values

We proudly embrace the guiding principles of the Catholic faith and the Jesuit approach to teaching and learning. These core values have stood the test of time: they are simple, effective and universal.

  • 1. Cura Personalis

    Care for the whole person: Attention is paid to every aspect of a pupil’s growth and development.

  • 2. The Magis

    The pursuit of excellence: We ask the best of everyone, across the school community, in all things.

  • 3. Integrity

    We are honest, have strong moral principles and a faith-based values system.

  • 4. Maturity

    A child’s journey towards independence and responsibility is our focus from the moment they join us.

  • 5. Holistic Education

    Time, space and energy is devoted to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, creative and physical formation of each pupil.

  • 6. Sharing Joy

    Jesuit schools pioneered prize-giving. The pursuit of excellence yields success and achievement and we celebrate pupil accomplishments every week.

  • 7. Gratitude

    Giving thanks for all that is good in our lives, at school and beyond develops a spirit of appreciation.


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