Policies for Barlborough Hall School & Mount St Mary's College

Here you will find the documents that explain how we reach decisions on matters from admissions to the administration of first aid.

Our Exam Results are also listed here. 

On this page you will also find our latest ISI inspection report and associated papers plus other reports and plans.

If you wish to contact us in relation to any of our policies then please call the office at Mount St Mary's on 01246 433 388 or Barlborough Hall on 01246 810 511. To contact Dr Helen Phillips, Chair of Governors, please email clerktogovernors@msmcollege.com or telephone 01246 433 388 and speak to Mrs Nicola Self. To contact the Headmaster Dr Nicholas Cuddihy, please email headmaster@msmcollege.com or telephone 01246 434066 and speak to Mrs Shirley Badger.

Mount St Mary's Policies

  1. A10 Risk Assessment Policy Download
  2. 17b Accessibility Plan Download
  3. A3 Curriculum Policy Download
  4. 10 a Anti-Bullying Policy Download
  5. 12b Fire Safety Policy Download
  6. 3b SEND Policy Download
  7. 14a Supervision Policy Download
  8. 7a Safeguarding Policy Download
  9. 9a Behaviour Management Policy Download
  10. 14a Supervision Policy Download
  11. 15a Admissions Policy Download
  12. 33a Complaints Policy Download

Exam Results

  1. MSM Exam Results 2019 Download
  2. BHS SATS Results Download


  1. ISI Inspection Plan Download
  2. Inspection Progress Monitoring Report Download
  3. Mount St Mary’s College ISI Inspection Report November 2010 Download
  4. Mount St Mary’s College Intermediate Boarding Inspection Report 2014 Download
  5. Barlborough Hall School Interim Inspection Report 2010 Download
  6. Mount St Mary's College ISI Inspection Report December 2016 Download
  7. Mount St Mary's College ISI Inspection Report - Compliance - December 2016 Download
  8. Barlborough Hall School ISI Inspection Report December 2016 Download
  9. Barlborough Hall School ISI Inspection Report - Compliance - December 2016 Download

Principles & Handbooks

  1. Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice Download
  2. Pupil Code of Conduct Download
  3. Barlborough Hall School Family Handbook Download
  4. Mount St Mary's Parent Handbook Download

British Values

  1. Our promotion of British values in Mount St Mary's College Download
  2. Prevent and Radicalisation: E-Safety Statement Download
  3. Prevent Duty Risk Assessment/Action Plan Download
  4. Understanding British Values: The Prevent Duty Download

Barlborough Hall Policies

  1. A5 PHSEE Policy Download
  2. A9 Health & Safety Policy Download
  3. A15 Accessibility Plan 2015-18 Download
  4. A11 Fire Risk Assesment Policy Download
  5. A6 Managing Allegations Policy Download
  6. EYFS Policy Download
  7. Peer on Peer Abuse Policy Download
  8. 10a Anti Bullying Policy Download
  9. 16a Risk Assessment Policy Download
  10. E Safety Policy Download
  11. Timings of the School Day Download
  12. 14d Educational Visits Policy Download
  13. 13a First Aid policy Download
  14. 12b Fire Safety Policy September 2019 Download
  15. 14a Pupil Supervision Policy September 2019 Download
  16. Key Stage One and Two SAT's results 2019 Download
  17. 3b SEND Policy Download
  18. 9a Behaviour Policy Download
  19. 2a Curriculum Policy Download
  20. 7a Safeguarding Policy Download
  21. 15a Admissions Policy Download
  22. 33a Complaints Policy Download

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