Academic Scholarships

Scholarship is a responsibility as much as an award. Each scholar embodies the values, purpose and aims of Mount St Mary’s College. First and foremost as a Jesuit seat of learning we aim to produce “Men and Women for Others”. Academic scholarship is a way for learners to expand their knowledge of specific subjects and the world at large. It is a preparation for further study and a future career.

All academic scholars will follow the Scholars Programme; a series of subject specific extension tasks with a minimum of one per half term to be completed. Copies of the Scholars Programme booklet are available from the Deputy Head Academic, Mr Chris McAllister. Students who are not academic scholars are also more than welcome to complete these extension tasks if they wish.

Applying for an Academic Scholarship

Age 11 – 13: for entry to Upper Elements to Rudiments

All students applying to join the College at age 11 – 13 (Upper Elements, Figures and Rudiments) must sit an entrance assessment which is usually held at the end of January. The top candidates in the entrance assessment will be invited back to be interviewed for the scholarship programme the following Saturday.

Age 16 - for entry to Year 12 (Poetry)

Those students wishing to apply for an academic Sixth Form scholarship must initially demonstrate an outstanding academic track record along with strong predicted GCSE results. Offers are conditional and based on excellent GCSE predictions. The scholarship is confirmed upon receipt of the candidate’s GCSE results. A meeting with the Headmaster will also form part of this process.

The College reserves the right to award scholarships to exceptional students at other entry times.

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