Sport Scholarships

We are committed to helping each and every student achieve and realise their potential through a broad sporting curriculum. Every student participates in the sporting programme, which offers a variety of activities and opportunities. All students from the age of 11 through to 18 have compulsory PE and Games.

However, for those students who have shown and continue to demonstrate exceptional potential in their chosen sport(s), we are able to offer a small number of scholarships. Sporting performance is then developed alongside their academic education.

A comprehensive package of support tailored to the needs of the individual has been designed in line with the Jesuit ethos of developing the whole person.

Applying for a Sports Scholarship

Sports scholarship candidates are assessed in the field by a member of our games department and Cross Campus Director of Sport in conjunction with a taster day and general scholarship paper in January.  Scholars are expected to be of county, regional or international standard in their chosen sport.

The scholarship days are usually held in the last week of January of the year of entry. To apply please email our Cross Campus Director of Sport Mr Ben Mico at We will then add your child's name to the sports scholarship application list to let you know further details about the day nearer the time. The deadline for scholarship applications for sport is the last day of the autumn term before the year of entry which will allow your child sufficient time to prepare prior to the assessment days.

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