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Camaraderie is what makes the daily routine of school life most different to the experience of day pupils: in the morning and evening your friends are right there beside you.

 Boarders also have the luxury of a lie-in, compared to pupils travelling in every day. Once ready, they make their way to the refectory for a hearty breakfast before joining their classmates for registration at 8:30am. The school day begins and the boarding and day pupils are fully integrated for lessons, break-times, lunch and after school hobbies or studies.

Three nights per week all pupils pursue a hobby or attend supervised studies after school until 5:30pm. On the other two nights the boarders have free time and may choose to take a walk in the grounds, have a casual game of football, read a book or chat with friends, for example.

 Dinner is served at 6:00pm, when boarders relax and catch up with each other over a home cooked meal. They return to their house to socialise in the lounge, watch television or enjoy some peace and quiet in their bedroom before lights out.

 The house parents are on hand at all times.

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