New bird feeders for the Barlborough birds!

Each week, Pre-Prep III and Nursery go on Welly Walks in the wonderful grounds at Barlborough Hall School.

The children venture out in all weathers, togged up with wellington boots, coats, hats, scarves and gloves! Last week they went on a very frosty Welly Walk. In class, they had made some bird feeders using melted fat and a mixture of nuts and seeds. On the walk, they went to find good places to put the feeders so that the Barlborough birds will have plenty to eat during the winter months.

It was so cold that the lake was frozen and they could see their breath in the air. There was a hard frost on the ground and the children held some of this in their hands and described how it felt.

A wonderful time was had by all and we hope the birds enjoy their new feeders!


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