Business Language Champions

A stellar team of Figures (year 8) students have just returned back to the Mount victorious having been awarded the winners of the ‘Glastonbury Goes Global’ competition. This challenging event was organised by Business Language Champions and was hosted by Warwick University.

Olivia, Kiera, Lucy, Maisy, Sophie and Elizabeth were crowned the overall winners following a packed day of challenges and activities, the majority of which had to be completed solely in Spanish. Tasks included designing a musical event or concert for a Spanish musician in a Spanish-speaking country, buying and selling their products in Spanish, interviewing and being interviewed in Spanish and making a promotional video, also in Spanish.

The judges praised both our teams highly. Their team working skills were excellent; they managed the tasks and roles within them very successfully, were pro-active and co-operative and applied themselves to all tasks with great maturity and effort. They came up with original ideas without prompting and were very resourceful in deciding how to go about the tasks. They worked independently all day and congratulations must also go to Leo, Benji, Oscar, Matthew, Phoenix and Presley whose work was also highly praised.

The winning team was commended for all aspects of their performance. Staff and students at Warwick and BLC said it had been a pleasure to meet our pupils and see their work. The winners had worked very hard all day long and earned praise for the quality of the product they made, the originality and scope of the design, the success of the video and how well they interacted with everyone; professionals and other schools.

Our students had chance to meet students from Warwick, academics and professionals who had worked abroad using languages. They learned lots about how languages are important across a wide spectrum of careers and about life as a linguist at university and beyond. Best of all, they learned what they could achieve themselves using Spanish for real purposes whilst gaining confidence and having a great time.

Thanks must go to Mrs Howes and Mr Ruiz who worked hard to prepare the students for this exciting and challenging event. A huge success for all involved.

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