Students enjoy a day out of this world

A number of students from Syntax, Poetry and Rhetoric had a fantastic day out at the weekend where they attended a lecture by retired astronaut, Bruce McCandless II.

Captain McCandless was a US Navy fighter pilot who entered into the astronaut programme in 1966, and was the CAPCOM during the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and spoke with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin when they took their first steps on the moon. He then went on to develop the Man Manoeuvring Unit for NASA and in his first space flight he used this device to become the first person to do an untethered space flight.

In his second space flight, Captain McCandless was part of the mission that launched the Hubble Space Telescope. The lecture was fantastic, and Captain McCandless spoke of the beginnings of the space programme, the lunar landings, the future of space exploration and the ethical issues regarding space exploration.

It was a brilliant afternoon for everyone involved and best of all they made it back in time for the Firework Spectacular at Barlborough Hall School.

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